Typegodkendelse (DK approvals) and other documents for Mini

Here are some Danish typegodkendelse in PDF form, which are documents used to specify an approved build and construction of a mini. The 1275 GT is particularly interesting as it also shows disc brakes as an option. Feel free to use them.


s2097-1-del-tillaeg 1 og 3

s2097 2-del-tillaeg 2








Below is a copy of a Letter from Rover in Germany allowing a mini to be built to ERA specification (with Turbo and ventilated discs)

Rover Germany 1

Rover Germany 2

Rover Germany 3

Rover Germany 4

Rover Germany 5

Below is a copy of a hand written document from Skat (the danish tax office) that they used to calculate import tax on a 1969 mk2 mini. (thanks to  Allan Larsen)

Afgift beregning 1969 mini

Below is a copy of a hand written note from a DOMI dealer saying it is ok to put disc brakes on a mini.


Below is a document from British Leyland approving  that an increase in engine horsepower by 25% does not require any modifications to the vehicle. An increase of 30% requires disc brakes to be fitted to the front wheels.

25% increase/30% increase