Use these enthusiastic specialists but remember some of them are also running a business so be fair when asking their advice. It’s worth every penny.

Classic Mini DIY started started in 2015 focusing on two things: keeping your Classic Mini on the road and making DIY car work accessible for all skill levels.
Guessworks is a specialised gearbox supplier providing a service for all A and A+ transmissions. If you need gearbox work, this is the guy to get in touch with. Great work and service.
With over twenty five years experience of making standard and bespoke Rollcages for any car, race, rally or road, we can make to order and ship, or fit for you at our workshops.
Danish company formerly known as MG Center supplying part for Minis. Helpful friendly service with one day delivery on stock items.
Supplier of Mini parts in Denmark. Many years of hands on knowledge. Several obsolete parts in stock.
Since 1978 Keith has been intensely involved with the beloved Classic Mini, a period that has seen him relentlessly pursuing research and development of a very wide range of products for an equally wide range of clients and customers. Check out his “technical info” section!

Turbo Minis UK Website
Everything turbo about the Mini with active forums.

Fusion Fabrications
Fusion Fabrications specialise in custom stainless steel exhaust systems from custom made turbo manifolds to custom-built full stainless exhaust systems.
Home of the ERA Turbo Minis website
Ian Hargreaves formed Avonbar Racing originally in 1976 from his successes as an Engine builder and Racing driver. They offer performance and race parts for Minis.
Since its conception in 1972, Omega Pistons have been at the forefront of all the premier motorsport categories. Omega are world leaders in forged performance pistons and are justifiably proud of their success in international motorsport. With an extensive ongoing investment strategy, Omega Pistons are able to stay ahead of the field, both in current design criteria, future research and development, keeping customers one step ahead of their competition.
Russell Engineering is the home of performance engine building in Australia.
Based in North Rocks, Sydney, Australia for over 40 years, Russell Engineering has the knowledge and experience to build the motor you need. Being renowned worldwide, Graham from Russell Engineering has been the pinnacle of Mini performance engines for decades. Many magazines and articles published use Grahams results as the benchmark and the goal to aim towards. If you want the best, you have visited the right place, Russell Engineering
The site for component weights found on the “Original Classic Mini” all in one convenient place.
Established in 1981 some 35 plus years ago, M E D soon became a well respected and established company within the classic motor sport industry for building highly tuned engines and manufacturing some of the finest products available for the A series based engine.

Mini Brochures
A comprehensive collection of classic mini brochures.
All round nice guys who sell BMW mini parts at nice prices.
The Home of “sticky Fingers” great graphics for your mini.
Specialist Components have over 20 years’ experience in providing high precision, high quality engineering solutions across a wide range of industries and markets to customers around the world. Home of the TwinKam conversion for classic Minis using a BMW motorbike cylinder head.
Welcome to Selby Race Engines. Here is a showcase of the best available competition and high performance Mini and A Series parts

What your exhaust smoke is trying to tell you
Unusual smoke from your exhaust is rarely a good sign, so here is a round-up of the possible diagnosis, be it good, bad or seriously ugly.