Austin 1300 GT

The newest project I have. Bought in July 2020.  An original Austin 1300 GT. Looking forward to this one!

Update 1 February 2021

After finally receiving the wiring loom a few weeks ago, today is a good day! The Austin 1300 GT is now fully tested and with a brand new approval/MOT.

Update.. 30 November 2020

Project Austin 1300 GT is nearly finished! All the bodywork is fixed, It runs and brakes and is pretty much all put back together…. However….

Due to the current Covid 19 situation, there is a delay with the wiring loom I ordered from Autosparks in the UK. This is unfortunate, but out of their hands due to UK guidlines regarding the virus. This means that I will probably not be able to finish and test/approve the GT by the 1st January 2021, which was the original plan. I have been working hard to meet the deadline, while not cutting any corners either, but without the loom I can’t put the dash and instruments etc. back in place…….It is what it is.

I have rebuilt or replaced everything that is put back on the car except the engine which runs fine. I did however, choose to rebuild the complete gearbox and replaced bearings and baulk rings as I didn’t know the condition of it and was unable to test drive due to a broken clutch. Peace of mind and I would be kicking myself if I didn’t do it and found a fault afterwards!

All the brakes are new included a lucky find of NOS front calipers. I would also like to mention Longbridge Motor Spares for their help and support with parts.

Another shout out to the ADO16 club, BMC Freak and their facebook page and it’s members for helping with the odd reference photo and generally good advice and experience.

The photos below are fairly random and just snap shots of work and progress.

Hope you enjoy them.