Morris Mini mk1 Project RedoBlue (To original Tartan Red)

The finished car on display.

UPDATE 15/1/2023

Things are moving along quite nicely. All the glass is fitted and the doors are looking good and fitting well. For anyone who doesn’t know Mk1/Mk2 Minis, the door fitment is a tricky part of the restoration as original door gaps were not often very good, so trying to create a better fit takes time and patience. Still a few odd jobs to do like the boot liner, wheel arch trim and of course the rebuilt engine and gearbox. They have received their first coat of BMC green and being prepared for more. Looking forward to getting them fitted!

UPDATE 15/11/2022!!

Finally assembly has begun! Here is what the mk1 looks like now!!

I recently bought this an abandoned project. Newly resprayed. but not nicely welded so I’m having to repair almost all of the welding. So far I have cut the whole front of the car of including the complete inner wings and A panels It will need a complete respray. Lot’s of part missing including engine and gearbox. Fortunately I have most of the parts “in stock”. Here is a bunch of photos in no particular order..