9 January 2017

Received my Turbo today which I bought from Ebay. I thought a lot about buying an original Garrett turbo but opted for this copy version for different reasons. The first is that this project car is not really for driving too much so I’m trying you have shiny or new parts throughout and I my pocket would only stretch to a used Garrett. The second reason is that I don’t really know anything about the quality of the copy turbos, so now I can check it out first hand.

Looking at it, it actually looks good to me. The casting form is fairly clean and the components seam well made. The real test will be when I use it to see just how well (or not) it works!

I have also received some photographs from Alex at The Car Kitchen of the first stages of my cylinder head preparation. Looking good and it will be great to see the final result in a short while.