Hi, my name is Jason Dove and I am interested in Minis and other Classic cars. I’ve created this site to share information, show my cars, projects, and most of all loads of photos. Hope you enjoy the site!

My first encounter with Minis was my parents’ “Woody” which was our family car. I think because of a broken petrol gauge my dad checked the fuel level with a stick down the fuel filler pipe!

I’ve seen a few Polaroids (do you remember those?) with my brother and me sitting in the classic children’s photo pose on the bonnet. I wish I knew the registration number so I could find out if it still exists and if the petrol gauge has ever been fixed!

I was born in 1972 in sunny Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. I now live in Denmark and have done so for over 20 years. There is a small but thriving community for Minis in Denmark with some very knowledgable people always ready to help – I like to count myself as one and and am quite happy to pass on any knowhow I have gathered over the years.

My first workshop in Scotland was an old abandoned tractor shed with no real solid floor, but it was mine. I had to drive about 10 miles from my house to get to it but I was there almost every day tinkering away on various cars – including Minis.

My first real Mini was black – and by black I mean everything was black: wheels, body, windows, grill.. even the interior! It came with a private registration and I paid 100 pounds for it and it was still MOT’ed. I wonder if that one is still alive!

I’m lucky now to have a fully equipped, heated garage with room for all kinds of projects.